HHH acquired another housing unit

HHH acquired another housing unit

The tumultuous story of our new transitional housing has finally come to a conclusion. We started out the first month planning to purchase one, which we did. And then, of all things, it was involved in an accident on the way to being delivered! We’ve purchased another new unit which will act as emergency and transitional shelter for our women’s facility, finally increasing our capacity.

We are planning on starting up a grant department that will research and write grant applications. Our plan is to use the funds from grants to dramatically increase our housing capabilities and add more infrastructure focused on helping clients.

We have been very fortunate with the volunteers who have joined our organization lately. An extremely experienced social media expert came on as a volunteer to help us with social media outreach and awareness. A very experienced psycho-therapist is going to be providing supportive services for our clients who need help with overcoming various issues, such as trauma and substance dependency.

Have a blessed month!

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