We have started a GoFundMe to raise money to obtain more property

We have started a GoFundMe to raise money to obtain more property

I hope you’ve all been having a good beginning to your year. Spring is almost upon us now! On the topic of beginnings, we’ve started a GoFundMe to raise money to obtain more property. We’re going to use the property to create accessible housing that the homeless can move into and execute their own leases. With more property, we can add more clients into our program, and in turn expand what we’re capable of with fundraising activities. If you want to support our Affordable Housing Expansion Project, you can donate at this link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/hhome

Unfortunately, good news comes hand in hand with bad. We’ve been trying to refinance one of our properties, and the chain of events that follows has bordered on the unbelievable. The company holding the original mortgage, WLW Capital, is refusing to release the payoff on the mortgage necessary to refinance. According to our best assessment, they plan to trap us in a mortgage with high interest rates until we default, at which point they can obtain the property that is much more valuable than the mortgage itself. We’ve already contacted a lawyer and begun to take action. Of the kind of person who would seek to illegally seize property from a nonprofit, one that provides housing to the homeless, we will not speak further. However, for anyone curious about WLW Capital’s contact information, it can be found on their website: https://wlwcapital.com/

On a brighter note, on Sunday, March 27th, we attended Jazz on the Lawn, an event to benefit local family enrichment programs and STEM programs in early education. We brought two booths to attend the event as a vendor. The first was our usual scratch-off cards, where a small donation earns you a scratch-off card with the chance to win gas cards, or the grand prize of a brand new Dodge charger. The second booth was our completely new free ring toss game! Participants could throw rings, and if the ring lands on a bottle they win a prize. Our goal was to see how the game would be received by event-goers. We’re happy to report that the game was a success and everyone there enjoyed it. You can look forward to our ring toss game popping up at more fundraising events. We’re currently discussing a plan to create guerrilla events: we’d spontaneously appear in town with a carnival game to raise money for the homeless. We’re looking into plans to work with the homeless in the area as well, and provide them some benefits as they help us run the events. Our gallery at https://www.homelesshh.org/gallery/ has even more photos from the event.

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