HHH provides the below free services to residents and non-residents alike.


As an emergency housing provider, HHH is the only agency that offers free showers to nonresidents. Most people can’t imagine not being able to take showers for a long period of time and wearing the same undergarments.


Will you believe that some cities, it is illegal for homeless individuals to store their belongings in the bushes? This is the reason why HHH allows individuals to store their belonging free of charge for a short period of time.


In today’s society even though most people have cell phone and tablets, hotspots are not available to everyone. HHH is happy to offer WIFI/phone service to residents and non-residents alike.


It is next to impossible if you are not a client at a shelter in Hillsborough County to obtain homeless referrals. HHH offers clients and nonresidents alike referrals to obtain an array of services.

In addition, we offer only to HHH residents a referral to obtain free college tuition. Many of our clients have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Birth certificate/bus pass

HHH is the only homeless housing provider that pays for non-resident’s birth certificates and bus passes. We will only be able to provide this service when funds are available.


Although HHH is not a pantry, we provide food when available through donations to residents and non-residents alike.

Hygiene Kits

This is the most sought after item for residents and non-residents alike. Distributed when available.


HHH has two computer stations for residents and non-residents alike to utilize.


As a housing provider, we are able to accommodate residents and non-residents the opportunity to make copies free of charge. (Just as long as it’s not a book.)


Gently used clothes and shoe items are needed for residents and non-residents alike.