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Word from Our Founder:

Have you ever had an idea or concept that was so
outrageous that you couldn’t tell anyone because they
wouldn’t believe it was possible?

Fourteen years ago, I had a counterintuitive idea of
homeless people operating and controlling a homeless
emergency shelter. I believed if they were empowered
with resources they would be capable of achieving this in
spite of their plight.

This outrageous concept that baffled most people who
thought it wouldn’t be possible 14 years ago is now a
reality and a working model.

Now, once again my team and I, by the grace of God, have
to convince some of our potential new donors and
supporters of a new outrageous challenge – distributing
one million flyers in 90 days to get potential donors to
contribute toward purchasing six duplexes.

The only thing I can do is to take you to the Word of
God in the Bible. Do you remember the story of
Nehemiah? He rebuilt the wall in Jerusalem in 52 days, in
spite of the enormous odds the Israelites were facing. But
not only did he rebuild the wall, but the spirit of the men
and women he served, as well. What about Gideon, along
with his 300 men, defeating the Midianites, who had an
army of over 10,000 men? And I know you cannot forget
the incredible story of David slaying the Giant Goliath!

Like these stories in the Bible and many more, it will be by
the grace of God to use our group of misfits and I, being
the Chief of all, to raise the necessary funds in 90 days to
purchase six duplexes for $2 million.

God always has a remnant, so, I’m praying and asking the
Holy Spirit to open up your spiritual eyes for you to see
what’s before you, and press on your heart to partake in
this Ministry of Grace.

Adolphus Parker
Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc. (HHH)