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Partner with HHH

HHH started a partnership program with the aim of deepening our ties with the community while also gaining valuable feedback. There are often misconceptions within society about the homeless, and these misconceptions raise additional challenges that the homeless must overcome. Our two-pronged approach to combating this begins with educating our partners with an informational newsletter, followed by a neighborhood improvement campaign where our clients give a face to homelessness by volunteering their time for local communities.

Sign up and gain access to a variety of benefits, all accessible for free by simply registering with your name and email. Together with a great number of community partners we can end the homeless housing crisis.

HHH clients giving couple of hours of their service time back to our partners

HHH’s clients are looking to give back to the community that has been supporting them while they get back on their feet. Each week they will donate some of their time to helping our partners in a variety of ways.

As an HHH partner, you are eligible to be randomly selected to receive some assistance from our clients. If you don’t have anything you need done, you can have them volunteer to help a friend, church or charity.

You choose our next major charity event

HHH is planning a massive charity fundraiser. We will create an event that is rooted in local culture and yet grandiose enough to attract major celebrities. Be it a concert, food festival, talent show, or stand-up comedy event, no holds will be barred or expense spared in creating an unforgettable experience.

As an HHH partner you will have a voice in the direction our planning takes. Your votes will determine the kind of event we create.

Public recognition for our partners

Our supporters are the backbone of our organization. We couldn’t help so many people without all those who donate their time and money to caring for the homeless. It’s with this in mind that we created our supporter spotlight and sponsor recognition programs. Each month, we will randomly select partners to be in our supporter spotlight.

As an HHH partner you are eligible to be selected for our supporter spotlight. A video interview with you will be featured on our webpage, focusing on why you support HHH and how you came to be socially conscious of the homeless plight. In addition, all partners will have their names listed on our website each month they make any kind of donation.

Access to our newsletter with uplifting stories

Leveraging information from our fellow charity organizations and local government bodies, we prepare a newsletter catered to your interests. We collect heartwarming news and success stories from all over Florida to give you an uplifting and hopeful message. Plus, you can stay up to date on our events and get important information about the current state of the homeless in Tampa.

As an HHH partner you will have access to our monthly newsletter and the ability to share your own stories and messages with the rest of our community.

Investment Opportunity

As a growing organization there are always investment opportunities presenting themselves. Both our social enterprises and real estate operations offer stable, secure, and profitable competitive returns in a growing market.

As an HHH partner we will keep you apprised of opportunities as they arise. Our partners have the ability to join our exclusive investment community before anyone else.