The Path Out of Homelessness

Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc. uses a unique system that would end homelessness. One of the key problems facing any attempt to end homelessness is that therapy and support services are ultimately ineffectual when one’s living conditions are as horrid as those the homeless experience. To counter this, HHH approaches the problem from the other direction. If you house the homeless first, supportive services become enormously more effective.


Our evidence-based system starts with providing emergency housing, where the homeless can stabilize themselves for a week. Then the homeless move into transitional housing, where they are able to undergo therapy, counseling, and job training. These programs can help them overcome the problems that drove them to homelessness in the first place. The final step is permanent housing, when they receive a lease to affordable housing provided by HHH that guarantees them a place to live. With this lease, they are officially homeless no more. Even if they lose their jobs, the HHH program is designed to support them until they can get back on their feet. Through social enterprises, our clients generate the funds necessary to house themselves and each other.


The most significant barrier preventing HHH from helping more clients is our lack of housing. Our program works so well because we can provide the transition and permanent housing ourselves, even to tenants without a job. But whenever we completely fill our capacity, it becomes a struggle to secure housing for the remainder of our clients. Currently our transitional program is completely full. Every donation helps get more individuals off the street and into permanent housing.

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HHH’s mission is to provide permanent housing for the homeless who do not have money or job – making them homeless no more.


A world in which people are homeless no more.


The end goal of this program is getting individuals off the street into permanent housing. while the model is self-sustaining, donations are always welcome to help us expand.

HHH offers free emergency housing to the homeless who have no money or job.

Clients will be assigned a case manager to evaluate their needs.

During this time period, we offer nonjudgmental practical help and stabilizing support in a home setting for anyone from first time homeless to the most chronic cases.

Clients move into our transitional program where they can stay up to 12 months.

Clients are assigned Occupational Therapy (OT) for two months where they learn essential skills such as financial literacy, employment readiness, and self-care.

Clients are offered addiction support.

Clients are required to seek employment and will volunteer 3 hours a day, mornings or afternoons, until they find a job.

As soon as a client in the transitional program finds employment, they are able to move into HHH permanent housing at a different location. The tenant will be given a lease for their own room and will officially be homeless no more.

If a client hasn’t been able to stay employed during these 12 months, they can still become a tenant in our permanent housing under an HHH voucher system.