HHH Summer Update

HHH Summer Update

With summer’s heat firmly upon us, please take a moment to appreciate if you have a home that keeps you out of the sun. Here at HHH we are working to provide that for everyone.

Unfortunately, we were unable to purchase the two new duplexes for $507k we had been looking at. Our financing company needed an extension that the seller wouldn’t give, and we lost our deposit. Even though that deal fell through, we’re already looking at new properties. We’re committed to expanding our capacity and helping more people into permanent housing. We have our sights on a particular duplex, but I’ll hold off on the details until it is more concrete.

In better news, Walmart was generous enough to award us with a $500 community grant. Their help is much appreciated while we come out of restructuring to start fundraising again. Our hope is that more corporations will act socially conscious and support permanent housing for the homeless.

David on the right and CFO Erik Richards on the left
David Tillery, a contributor to HHH, is running for State Representative of District 66. David runs Cans for Comedy, the weekly comedy show that raises food and money for the homeless and HHH’s programs. You may remember that from a previous newsletter! He’s also the founder of another charitable organization that raises money for multiple causes. We wish David the best with his campaign, and we are grateful for everything he has done on behalf of HHH and his continued support.

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