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A Fantastic Update for June

A Fantastic Update for June

In recent newsletters we talked about how our fundraising campaign is expanding. This month, to help our volunteers get around and set up fundraising, we’ve acquired two more vehicles. With the ability to transport a large team and their equipment, we’ll be able to visit events located farther away and set up our fundraising ring toss game. Look forwards to seeing them!

We’ve run into another problem lately. As a smaller, grassroots organization, there are many people who have never heard of us. In an effort to create greater awareness of HHH, our mission, and the importance of the Housing First approach, we’ve done some advertising this month. Some of our posters will be appearing on buses and at bus stops and benches. We have a billboard sharing our message, too. But most impressively, a short message from HHH will play before movies in a local cinema. As more people learn about HHH, we hope that they’ll learn about the homeless housing crisis and how HHH is helping.


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