(Executive Director)

Mr. Parker founded Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc. (HHH) out of a passion and desire to help people, regardless the circumstances, through their darkest times. In addition to being an Executive Director, Mr. Parker has been an entrepreneur/business owner for nineteen years, specializing in new venture start-ups and acquisition of real estate. He has a talent for motivating individuals and extending grace to others. Mr. Parker is a six-year U.S. Army Veteran.

(Director Of Development)

Ms. Hart has been with HHH since 2010 and now supervises the women’s shelter, writes grants, hires staff, and turns HHH dreams into reality. Ms. Hart has a BA in English from Bowling Green State University and holds a Masters of Fine Arts in writing from Columbia University.

(Chief Strategy Officer)

Kara Brien is an up and coming business strategy consultant who advises small businesses and non-profits on quality improvement strategy, training, and deployment. She holds a MBA from Nova Southeastern University as well as Six Sigma Black Belt and project management certifications from the American Society for Quality and Project Management Institute respectively. Kara judges success by beneficial impact to communities and loves to incorporate the wisdom of others to cultivate a quality product or service. Kara finds peace and relaxation working on passion projects, doing multi-day mountain hikes, and practicing her daily twin hearts meditation.

(Director Of Shelter Operations)

Mr. Al-Serdah serves as the Director of Operations overseeing all HHH properties. He deals directly with house managers and administrative staff to see that concerns arising at any facility are promptly addressed and remedied. Mr. Al-Serdah ensures that all our housing meets cleanliness and security standards. He performs new client orientation
and answers any questions residents may have. Along with monitoring shelter operations,

(Chief Financial Officer)

Mr. Richard attended the College of Charleston for economics. He has extensive real estate experience in residential, commercial and land development. For the past fifteen years, he has conducted real estate seminars, as well. Mr. Richard has exceptional communication skills combined with sharp business acumen.

(Director Of Communications )

Mr. Philip attended Buck County Community College for Computer Science. Currently, he serves on two committees. He is analytical, superbly detail oriented with a great work ethic. Mr. Philip joined HHH administration in 2020.